Alfio G. Brunetti Jr. | Corporate Consultant | System Logistics

Al BrunettiAlfio Brunetti became involved in his profession after garnering experience as a repairman for a phone company. After working in that capacity for four years, he wrote a letter to the president of the company highlighting all of his achievements and that he would like to be considered for a promotion. From there, he began working at Bell Laboratories which introduced him to computers. With his last six years at the company, he was brought on to work as a Facility Security Officer and had the responsibility of handling clearance for four companies.  He also worked for Mabel as a systems programmer, and then for NYNEX BISC NYNEX Corp./AT&T R&D/ Lucent/Bank One/Roslyn Bank as a senior program manager from 1986 to 1992. Since 1992, Mr. Brunetti has provided his skills and expertise as a corporate consultant for System Logistics.

The highlight of Mr. Brunetti’s career thus far has been rebuilding all of the phone company’s records after a destructive fire. It was 184,000 thousand records. In addition, he is also proud of making a fishing rod for George Bush Sr. He was set on his path by first earning a Bachelor of Arts in economics and management from Manhattan College in 1970 and later received an MBA in economics and computer science from Pace University in 1975. Mr. Brunetti has also led a prolific military career, having served with the U.S. Coast Guard to the position of USCG Master-100 ton. He became a Certified Protection, Professional from ASIS International (1988); Critical Incident Stress Manager from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation; and certified in SKYWARN from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Mr. Brunetti also took a Dale Carnegie Management Course.

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